COMCON Research

Market and Media Research
We are an independent full service research company. We work since 2006. Our team is 35 competent and enthusiastic professionals.
We help our clients to choose the optimal strategy of behavior in the market and to respond flexibly to changes in consumer preferences.
We conduct large-scale nationwide research projects by means of our own call-center and with the help of a network of partners in all regions of Russia.


  • Product or service

    Product testing (taste and other organoleptic characteristics), consumer characteristics testing, concept testing, service performance and customer satisfaction evaluation
  • Packaging

    Functional characteristics and perceived communication testing, design testing, testing in competitive environment
  • Price and product range

    Price perception analysis, elasticity analysis, pricing scenario analysis, price modelling, product range optimization
  • Brand

    Measuring awareness, consumption and loyalty, brand perception and brand image analysis, names and logo testing
  • Communication

    Positioning concepts testing, ad and promo materials testing, ad effectiveness evaluation
  • Consumers

    Target audience profiling, market segmentation, consumer preferences identification, consumer behavior analysis, search for insights
  • Shoppers

    Shopper behavior analysis, identifying the shopper journey and hot zones, merchandise display analysis, point of sales satisfaction analysis, shopper basket analysis
  • Media

    Media target audience profiling, media ratings and preferences analysis, TURF analysis, radio musical libraries testing, social media analysis
  • Looking for something else?

    If none of these topics cover your research goals, please contact us, and we will do our best to find the optimal solution.

Data Collection Methods

We collect data using all traditional methods and keep up on emerging the advanced ones. We will figure out the optimal solution according to your needs.
Quantitaive methods
Telephone interviews (CATI)
more than 60 000 interviews a year
Online surveys
more than 13 000 interviews a year
In-hall tests, CLT
more than 5 000 interviews a year
F2F street interviews
more than 5 000 interviews a year
In-home interviews
more than 30 000 interviews a year
Shopper interviews and observations at points of sale
more than 8 000 interviews a year
Qualitative methods
Focus groups
In-depth interviews
Expert interviews
Online bulletin boards and MROCs
Shop-alongs and observation
Mystery shopping

Field resources

  • >80
    experienced interviewers in St. Petersburg
  • >100
    CATI stations in partner companies
  • 25
    CATI stations in St. Petersburg
  • 3
    hall-test locations rented on a permanent basis
  • Partners in all regions of Russia
  • A well-equipped room for focus groups
  • Web streaming
  • Simultaneous translation
Focus Room

Our clients

Your company is our long-standing and reliable partner in the area of marketing research. We appreciate your professionalism, attention to the client and high engagement in each of our projects. But the most important quality that distinguishes your company from many others is your friendliness and readiness to come to help at any moment. And you have proven to be real friends in times difficult for our company, and that's really valuable. We sincerely thank you for your work and are very glad that we have such a partner.
Elena Alexandrova
Head of Consumer Research and Market Analysis Group
The Product Marketing Service of GS Group expresses a deep and sincere gratitude for the many-year fruitful cooperation. We very much appreciate your customized approach, patience and support throughout all our projects. We wish you success in your work and further prosperity.
Irina Kartavykh
Head of Product Marketing Department
COMCON Research for us is in the first place a team of professionals that is distinguished by its adequacy, flexibility in approaching the task and consistently high involvement in our projects. We are happy with the long-term and fruitful cooperation with COMCON Research.
Ekaterina Tazetdinova
Head of Market Research and Advertising Department

Our team

Elena Khlyupova
Alexey Orel
Vera Kopeykina
Head of
Anna Pushina
Group Head Quantitative department
Irina Mischenko
Head of
Field department
Nadezhda Roguzhtseva
Head of Quality
Control department
Elena Mikhaylova
Head of
Veronika Noskova
Head of the field of Qualitative Research Department
We are looking for interviewers, recruiters, call center operators

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Address: Business Centre Alexandrovsky, 7th Floor, 39, Khersonskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 191167
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Address: Business Centre Alexandrovsky, 7th Floor, 39, Khersonskaya str., Saint Petersburg, 191167

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